General terms of delivery and business   

§ 1 - General information    1. We furnish our achievements exclusive using the following general ones     Trading conditions; we recognize opposing or deviating conditions of the client not on.    2. Our trading conditions apply to all business transacted with us, also to all future business with that    Client.    3. Deviations require writing.   

§ 2 - Prices, terms of payment    1. Ours the valid in each case price list prices which can be inferred apply starting from operating seat of the salesman, costs of transport,    Packing or insurance goes debited to the client.    2. Date of payment, discount payments, Boni and discounts are not granted.   

§ 3 - Passage of the risk    1. If from the confirmation of order nothing else results, supply is ex factory agreed upon.    2. Depending upon size and range of the transmission the supply takes place by post office, course or carrier. High-speed packages and express train    the client against surcharge are arranged only when desired. Parcels are up to an amount of     insured, if the client wishes it, we become a large insurance of the supply by one    Transport insurance at its expense cover.    € 1,000, - 

§ 4 - Supply, delivery time    1. The supply takes place by surname or Vorkasse. A supply should after non-acceptance or Nichtabholung on    back-arrive to us, the client only more against Vorkasse of the complete calculation sum one supplies. This    Regulation we reserve ourselves likewise for the placing of order of further services of the appropriate customer.    Supplies abroad exclusively take place against Vorkasse plus forwarding expenses or by surname.    2. Our times for delivery are calculated conscientious. If one time for delivery cannot be kept nevertheless, that has    Client an appropriate delivering subsequently period - beginning by day the entrance of the written Inverzugsetzung through    the client or in case of calendar-moderately certain times for delivery upon their expiration - grant.    3. To the resignation the client is entitled only if he at expiration of the agreed upon time for delivery the supply in writing    and this demands then not within six weeks after receipt the printing reminder with us to the client    taken place.    4. Claims for damages because of default are entitled to the client only if the delay on resolution or more roughly    Negligence was based.   

§ 5 - Guarantee    1. All data concerning suitability and processing of our products take place after best knowledge and certain after that    respective state of the art. For damage due to unsuitable, incorrect and/or careless treatment take over    we no guarantee, likewise when changes without our previous written consent.    2. The statement of obvious lack is us immediately, at the latest however within one week starting from receipt that    To indicate supply in writing. With buyers is besides the adherence to after §§ 377, 378 HGB the owed    Investigation and obligationobligation obligation a condition of the guarantee.    3. As far as lack represented from us to is present, we are alternatively for defect removal or for replacement    entitled. In the case of guarantee the client has to send the lodged a complaint commodity free of postage first at us; in    Falls justified complaint the transport costs for this resulted are refunded.    4. The client knows cancellation of the contract (transformation) or reduction of the purchase price (decrease)    require, if a twice rework fails, the replacement refused or not within one    appropriate period one furnishes.    5. Large requirements of the client are impossible, it are, the cause of the damage been based on resolution    or rough negligence.    6. The guarantee period amounts to 6 months, counted starting from passage of the risk.   

§ 6 - Indemnifications    1. With any cancelling of supplied commodity we compute 20% storage fee of the net price zzgl. the legal    Value added tax. This fee is computed exclusively with error and faultless commodity. Otherwise §5 finds to this    AGB application.   

§ 7 - Area of jurisdiction, place of delivery    1. For any arguments between the client and us, itself from a business relation due to    this AGB devoted, both contracting parties - subject to another written agreement - recognize that    District court loud brook as responsibly on.    2. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of foreign right apply; the German version one    Contract text is relevant.   

§ 8 - Other    1. All pictures and/or diagrams from the entire advertising documents and the Internet appearance require to    Publication and/or passing on by third of express written permission on our part.   

§ 9 - Salvatori clause    One of the aforementioned regulations of these AGB for any reason should futile, totally or partly ineffectively or    impracticable its, then the validity of the remaining regulations and the underlying contract remains of it    unaffected.