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Auspuffanlage "HardLine"
Auspuffanlage 2in1 Modell "HardLine", 60mm inkl. Endschalldämpfer Edelstahl poliert...2mm Wandung!!!!   HINWEIS! Auspuffanlage...

Price: 1249.00 EUR incl.Vat addi. Dispatch

For all copier!

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Hardline-Lenker fertig montiert, Alu poliert

Hardline-Lenker fertig montiert, Alu poliert - Bild vergrößern

Steering width 1100mm (the steering ends can be shortened if necessary) the integrated Tacho is covered with a flap in the steering wheel center piece and can be opened if necessary! The adjustment of the Tachos takes place comfortably by button pressure. The control lights are likewise in the steering wheel integrated! The steering wheel has adjustable Riser and can in the inclination be adjusted! Thus one can co-ordinate the steering wheel optimally on the Biker! Milled steering wheel center piece with control shining admission for 4-Kontrollleuchten. The kit contains. Steering wheel center piece 2 x Riser 2x Riserplatten 2 x of steering wheel pipes high-grade steel 4 x of magnets for Tacho folds 1x Tacho folds 1x screw kit 4 x control shines (green, red, blue, orange). 1x electrical set of these steering wheels is in, in processing, Design and functionality, unique leading product and lends to your Bike an absolutely cleane optics! Indicate when ordering please! We hear that the steering wheel again and again would be expensive. We compared times. Arithmetical example and/or price comparison: 1x high-grade steel steering wheel approx. 350?, 1xSatz Riser with KDF approx. 156?, 1x Digitaltacho in the CNC housing approx. 219?, control light unit ca.75? = 800 ?. This steering wheel contains that everything! With TÜV appraisals!

Delivery time: Bitte erfragen

Order number: LENK/ 012
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Einspritzanlage für alle VS 1400 Modelle

Einspritzanlage für alle VS 1...
Edlich ist es soweit!Die Einspritzanlage für die VS 1400 ist fertiggestellt.Nach langer Entwicklungsarbeit kann sich das...
Price: 3500.00 EUR incl.Vat addi. Dispatch

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Alugriffe Snip mit eingefrästem LMC-Logo

Alugriffe Snip mit eingefrästem LMC-Logo
Alugriffe, SNIP für Gaszuginnenführung, Alu mit Nuten inkl. eingefrästem LMC-Logo!!! Linker Griff 25,4mm, für Zoll-Lenker....

Price: 93.00 EUR incl.Vat addi. Dispatch

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